FRIDAY, AUGUST 23 - 10:00 a.m.

Scales open at 8:30 am for weigh in.
Admission wristband must be on wrist at time of registration.
Contact: Aimee 610-297-5995

Ox pulling will take place in the following four classes:
2400 pounds and under- 6 foot pull;
2401 to 2800 pounds, 6 foot pull;
2801 to 3200 pounds, 6 foot pull;
Over 3200 pounds, 6 foot pull.

The Superintendent will name the first load to be drawn, and reserves the right to name the load at any time.
Teamsters will not be allowed to abuse their teams or insult judges or spectators by the use of foul language. Judges may disqualify for non-compliance.

General Rules:
Oxen will be driven with a whip and lash only. NO GOAD STICKS OR PLASTIC WHIPS WILL BE ALLOWED.
No face whipping or excessive whipping will be tolerated; both of these may be considered animal abuse. The Superintendent may disqualify any team either for abuse or if he considers that a team may be dangerous to spectators.
Other than the above, the rules of the Association of New England Ox Teamsters, Inc., will be followed in their entirety.
THERE IS NO HITCHING FEE. All participants will pay Fair Gate Fee.
Trophies will be awarded to first place finishers. Rosettes will be awarded for 2nd - 5th place in each class. Payouts will be paid 1st -4th places.
The Vermont Drug Law Sec. 1.13 V.S.A. Chapter 9 will be in force.
Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages allowed on or near the track.

"3 minute distance pull" The total distance the sled can be pulled within a three minute time limit.
"Good Pull" The weighted sled must be pulled at least six feet in one continuous motion.
"Steer/Ox" A male bovine is a steer when castrated at approximately six months. He is trained to do draft work and attains the title of Ox at three years of age.


How long have there been ox pulls? Records indicate that pulls have been held in New England since 1880.
How many years can the typical team pull? Fifteen years, and sometimes much longer.
How old are steers and oxen before they are entered? Two years is typical.
Approximately what final weight will the winners pull? About 300% of the teams body weight.
TOTALS PREMIUMS: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
110 90 80 65
Total Premiums: 1380