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A Bondville native, Ailene Norse Capen attended local schools and then graduated from the University of Vermont. She taught English and Latin at Bennington High School for many years. Always retaining her local roots, for over forty years she participated in the Fair as a judge, supervisor, and greeter in Floral Hall. To mark her long active role in and devotion to the Fair, Floral Hall was named in her honor prior to the 2000 Fair.

Elizabeth Crichton began spending summers in Bondville in1932 when her mother Mary Greene bought a farm here. With time out for college (Smith) and World War II she was back with husband Andy and two boys in the early Fifties gardening and quilting and resting up from her winter chores as teacher and principal.  On retirement she became very involved with the Fair, serving both as Secretary of the  Fair and Publicity Director.  She was Superintendent of Floral Hall prior to starting the quilt exhbit in 1995, two years before the Crichtons became year-round Bondvillians.  The Crafts-Quilt Hall was named in her honor in 2002.

While John Gardner was actually born in New Jersey he came to Bondville at a very early age and attended Winhall Elementary Schools prior to graduating from Leland and Gray, as well as Albany Business College.  He served  in Europe with the Air Force during World War II. After the war John returned to New Jersey where he worked as a longshoreman, always returning to Bondville for the summer and for participation in several capacities during the Fair.  After his death in 1995 the new stage was built with donations